Our mission :
Make Internet more accessible

We all visited websites with low-contrast font colour and unreadable texts, or where we can’t figure out how to find the information we need. We all know how frustrating and painful it can be.

It might only happen to you occasionally, but this is a daily struggle for more than a billion people worldwide. It makes it impossible for them to access information or to fill out a simple form.

This is why we are developing and implementing step by step technical solutions to help web developers and web designers create accessible and fully compliant websites, following best practices and accessibility standards/guidelines

While Digital Accessibility is essential to provide equal access to people with disabilities benefits everyone.

Making the web accessible will bring you the following advantages : 

Better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Accessible website
have a better
SEO ranking on search engines than regular websites.

Improve your
Accessible websites are much
easier to navigate,
all your visitors will thank you.

Increase the overall number of people that can visit your website. 
Don’t miss out on one billion
users that have disabilities and are looking for you online.

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    Egalitech is, an association under law 1901, dedicated to Web accessibility

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